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SEL Information for Parents and Students

TH elink below has information form the state department of education on ways to help promote positive behavioprs during this time and overall. 



http://GUIDANCE FOR THE DISTANCE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT   ​FAMILY GUIDE TO POSITIVE BEHAVIOR     HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT POSITIVE BEHAVIOR AT HOME?   In order to create environments where your child can be successful, consider the  recommendations below:    ❏ Consistent behavior expectations and routines teach children how to behave and set  them up for success.   ❏ Focusing on positive behaviors creates an environment of connection and cooperation.  ❏ Tools to Teach: Helpful Tips for Parents​ This document offers support for children and  families to ensure social, emotional, academic, and behavioral success. Read this first.    BASIC SUPPORTS TO ENCOURAGE POSITIVE BEHAVIOR:  Basic Support  How to provide  Example  Create   Basic Positive  Behavior Expectations   Decide what behaviors you want to  see    Describe expectations (how they  look, give examples)  Webinar of How to Use PBIS  Framework    Editable expectation matrix    Blank expectation matrix template  Teach ​the   Expected Behaviors   Show your child what you want    Practice with your child    Teach social-emotional skills   Teaching Expected Behaviors  Social-Emotional Home Activities​ by  Aperture Education   Talking to Children About COVID-19  COVID-19 Guidance​ by AACAP  Create​ Routines  Schedules help build routines and  consistency  Editable Schedule  Use   Positive Feedback  Use 5 positive statements for one  correction/negative statement  Tips for Using Positive Feedback at  Home    Parent Pointers Video​ by Parent Psych  Give   Logical Consequences  Relate the consequence to the  behavior    Remember, discipline is to teach not  to punish  Logical Consequences Article​ by  Psychology Today    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND ASSISTANCE - SCHOOL CLIMATE SPECIALIST  Blaire Harrison ​  Heather Graham ​   Jenna Jones ​  Amanda Sellers ​     Office of Student Support, Oklahoma School Climate Transformation Team