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Freedom Seniors need to keep there eyes on the ball. It’s that time of year to begin looking for and completing scholarship and college applications. Congratualtions to Casey Luddington for winning an NWOSU Scholarship during Ranger Preview.  


State Testing will be here beofre we know it so  please keep an eye open for information coming home and on this site. I will post a schedule in late March so you are awars of test dates. It is very important for students to feel good and as relaxed as possible during this t ime. This means eating and exercising right as well as plenty of rest.  For many students this is a stressful time and we don’t want it to be. They have been working hard and will continue to until that time so they will be prepapred. So… they shouldn’t be stressing because that only makes things harder. All I ask is the same I ask everyday and that is for every student to do their best! 


Please remind your student that we all deserve to be  treated with courtesy and respect. Liking someone is a choice ; however, treating them wrong is not one that will be tolerated. Our students have so much going for them and negativity only hurts what we have. Positivity helps to build a school community where we become family. I relaize there will be tough times; however, we all need to strive for excellence every day.  

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