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If you are interested in a career in Computer science look at the following link, it provides some guidance on landing a job in this field. 


In the chart below, you will find some links to information and resources concerning Distance Learning and COVID -19. These sources may be utilized by teachers, parents, students and community members. Please remember we are here to help and guide our students and their families through this very unusual time in all our lives, let us know if we can help. We have also had many people in the community ask if we or any families need help and are willing to step up. Please make sure students are staying “up” with their skills and having some fun as well, not fogetting to get moving and do some activities. Physical, musical, artistic , scientific or whatever, have some fun while learning. If you need more ideas simply google or have your kids google for a fun activity and I promise you will find so many it’s crazy. An example below, I made a simple search of fun science activities from the kitchen:

    Image result for fun science activities from the kitchen

Here are more fun and interesting kitchen science experiments you can try.

  • Candy Chromatography. Separate the pigments in colored candies using a saltwater solution and a coffee filter. ...
  • Make Honeycomb Candy. ...
  • Lemon Fizz Kitchen Science Experiment. ...
  • Powdered Olive Oil. ...
  • Alum Crystal. ...
  • Supercool Water. ...
  • Edible Water Bottle.

Sep 2, 2019

Over 20 Fun Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids - ThoughtCo




OSDE Counseling COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Academic Resources

COVID-19 SEL Resources

Additional Resources

School Counselor Guidance for Distance Learning
Engaging Families to Support Distance Learning
COVID-19 Technology Incentives
Family Guide: Positive Behavior in the Distance Learning Environment
Guidance for Preventing Cyber-Bullying



WE miss our students and look forward to having everyone back in the building!