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FCCLA Officers

Duties: Be cooperative and dependable, understand and communicate the mission and purposes of FCCLA, be respectful and open-minded, attend and participate in all chapter meetings, be organized and on time, and follow through with the responsibilities of the elected office.

     President – ARIANA WHITE – Duties: Develop an agenda for each meeting; preside over chapter meetings; keep meetings lively and organized; create committees, as needed; work cooperatively with other officers, members and committees chairs and ensure responsibilities are followed through; know the duties of all officers and committees and delegate accordingly; start meetings on time; represent the chapter in a responsible and professional manner; attend all chapter meetings and state convention in March; and keep up-to-date on local, state, and national updates (

     First Vice President – Vacant – Duties: Assume president’s responsibilities in president’s absence; assist president, as needed; help keep meetings organized; and work with other VPs and commttees to carry out projects and responsibilities.

     Secretary – Vacant – Duties: Keep accurate meeting minutes, email meetingminutes to the president and adviser following each meeting, keep attendance records, remind officers of unfinished business, work with VP of Public Relations, and count and records chapter votes.   

     Vice President of Star Events – SHAY WILSON – Duties: Be familiar with STAR events, organize member involvement in STAR events, recruit members to participate in STAR events, keep chapter members informed of updated STAR Event information (check regularly), assist chapter adviser in completing STAR events forms and submitting by the local, state and national deadlines, attend the state FCCLA meeting in the spring.      

    Vice President of Public Relations/Historian – LANDEN COOK – Duties: Gather information for Press Releases, write Press Releases and submit them in a timely manner (with adviser’s approval), take photos at events, record information of events, keep FCCLA bulletin board up-to-date, send adviser items to post on the school website, make announcements, compile yearly activities, photos, and program of work in a end of the year portfolio.

     Vice President of Community Service - JACI WEBER - Duties:  Promote chapter community service projects, coordinate committee chairs of varies community service projects, organize and supervise community service-related projects, contact other organizations who might assist the organization in achieving our project goals, become familiar with state and national FCCLA Outreach projects (    

     Vice President of Membership - ANDY TOWNSEND  Duties: Assist the treasurer in collecting chapter dues; keep an updated spreadsheet of members including contact information/email addresses; work with chapter officers to develop membership campaign; recruit new members; distribute locker sign, membership cards, and t-shirts to dues-paying members; work with chapter adviser to complete membership forms; encourage individual members to apply for Be Part of It awards and complete appropriatee chapter award applications; and meet local, state, and national membership deadlines.

     Vice President of National Programs – VacantDuties: Be familiar with the FCCLA National programs, educate members on the various national program, encourage members to participate in the program of work, assist chapter in meeting national program requirements, complete award applications and submit by the required due date, notify members of individual program awards and scholarships.   

     MEMBERS June Hernandez, Katy Matheny, Ally Nusser, Gavin Rhodes, Triston White



We are the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.

We face the future with warm courage and high hope.


For we have the clear consciousness of seeking old and precious values.

For we are the builders of homes, Homes for America's future,

Homes where living will be the expression of everything that is good and fair,

Homes where truth and love and security and faith will be realities, not dreams.


We are the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.

We face the future with warm courage and high hope.


FCCLA Mission Statement and Purposes

To promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences Education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner and community leader, members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.

FCCLA Purposes

  1. to provide opportunities for personal development and preparation for adult life
  2. to strengthen the function of the family as a basic unit of society
  3. to encourage democracy through cooperative action in the home and community
  4. to encourage individual and group involvement in helping achieve global cooperation and harmony
  5. to promote greater understanding between youth and adults
  6. to provide opportunities for making decisions and for assuming responsibilities.
  7. to prepare for the multiple roles of men and women in today's society
  8. to promote family and consumer sciences and related occupations

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